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( 11/22/2014 )
(Gold member)
Hot Asian boys Tonny and John turned out to be quite the pair! Tonny Had not been fucked before. John with his subtle charm, managed to convince him that a dick in the ass isn't something to shy away from. The two nice Asian cocks came out, and after a little 69 action Tonny took John's hard pole. ...
Tom, John,
( 11/19/2014 )
(Gold member)
When you meet a hot Asian hunk like Jerry, you will get excited! He was very energetic from the very first moment, and wasn't shy about showing his excitement for being here. He's very active — loves GYM, running, football and meeting new people. Yes, we can see that from his muscular body.
( 11/15/2014 )
(Gold member)
Wang is a college student who recently finished his study. He said he works out six times a week and he likes to lift heavy in order to build muscle. It's working! You can watch him show off his perfect body, that's something that he's been wanting to try for a while.... And his body certainly is pe...
( 11/08/2014 )
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We hooked up two hot Asian boys Fong and Chen. Chen liked Fong, and seemed eager to suck on his thick cock right then and there. They fooled around in the shower, and then, Dong fucked Chen perfectly, opening up his tight little butt slowly and deeply. He took his time and flung him all over the bed...
Dong, chenxu,
( 11/05/2014 )
(Gold member)
What is there to say about someone who has a perfect body and doesn't even have a gym membership? That's our hot Asian boy Alan and he has been one of the kindest and most genuine guys I have met in a long time. Yes we can see his muscle tone body and naked ass but he was too shy to jerk off for u...
( 10/30/2014 )
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Hot Asian orgy Gay sex again, that's our Hot Asian boy Eddie's favorite exercise. He jokes about that it's the way he keeps slim. We invited three other hot Asian hunks to take turn to fuck Eddie. They also used dildo and toys to play with Eddie tight Ass. By the end, Eddie's tight asshole became wi...
Dallin, Thong, A, Eddie,
( 10/18/2014 )
(Gold member)
Hot Asian twink Fong and Dong are both really shy. As they sat on the bed, looking around nervously. We asked them to kiss. They leaned into each other tentatively and finally their lips met. To make a long story short, Fong aggressively fucked the shit out of Dong. Dong had semen all over his ches...
Fong, Dong,
( 10/15/2014 )
(Gold member)
Hot Asian hunk Tony is a 24-year-old muscular hunk from North of China. I loved his answer when he was asked about his sexuality. He said he's straight but with some experiences. I wonder what kind of experiences he had. He was OK to show us his cock but didn't want to jerk off in front of us.
( 10/11/2014 )
(Gold member)
Hot Asian boy Eddie didn't think He had ever had so much fun in all his life! He went to his friend's fuck party. He and his friend Tony, Wang, Chen, David had a really good time and after several hours they were best (fuck) buds. They started out with Eddie feasting on Tony's cock and Chen's ass a...
Dallin, Tony, Antony, David Chen, Eddie,

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