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( 1/22/2015 )
(Gold member)
Hot Asian boy Tony always wants to be a king with a lot of hot boy servants. We satisfied him. His dream came true. He can play with 3 another Hot Asian boys. If you want to know how he used those hot boys. This videos is for you.
( 1/10/2015 )
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It was really hot watching the two of them fuck. Hong topped Xing and I could tell that Tanner was loving every minute of it. He was grasping the sheets, arching his back, and rolling his eyes back into his head
( 1/03/2015 )
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Hot Asian boy Tony fucked Wang so vigorously that not only was the mattress moving all over the place, the bed was too! Tony loves positions where he can go deep, and he loves to do a lot of positions.Tony moved Wang around and putting him just where he wanted him...
Wangli, Tong,
( 12/29/2014 )
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Hot Asian hunk long is a professional trainer. He is sexy and handsome. Plus he has a big Asian cock. He is very nice and polite. You will definitively like him.
Jay Long,
( 12/24/2014 )
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Hot Asian boy Huang is 20 and he Loves to travel. "I am a student and I work part time," he told us. "I like to save up enough money and then travel for a few months." He likes to stay single because it makes things less complicated. "I meet a lot of people when I travel," he said. "I like to be ...
( 12/20/2014 )
(Gold member)
Hot Asian boy Zack told us he felt really good last time fucked by 4 handsome Asian hunks. He really wanted to do it again. so we called 4 more hot Asian boys to do that again. The result was, according to Zack told us. " I kept feeling like I was going to cum when a guy is fucking me. My hole was...
Dallin, Zack, David Chen, Justin Yao, A,
( 12/13/2014 )
(Gold member)
Hot Asian boy Jay is an adorable young Asian muscle stud! He is very confident and relaxed. He's got a nice muscled body, and one of the sexiest, hairiest asses I have ever seen! He confessed that at one point when he was younger he was a bit self conscious about his body hair, but I am glad he rea...
( 12/10/2014 )
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Hot Asian hunk Mark is 25 now and he spends 1 to 2 hours in the gym every day. Yes, you can tell that from his tone muscular body. Mark likes to show off in front of girls. He is straight. we asked him if he jack off in front of us. He said he's a little shy this time. Maybe he will do that next tim...
( 12/05/2014 )
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Hot Asian twink Tony is someone who really knows how to have a good time. Alan falls into that same category. Tony seems to never run out of energy and he was going to need it for Alan. He is going to give Alan a hard pounding. Alan has taken a liking to getting fucked and he likes the aggressive ...
Tony, Alan,

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