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( 8/28/2015 )
(Gold member)
Chuan and Zeng has been friends for a few years, but when they are on camera, they are still very shy. But when they warm up, Zeng let's Chuan top him.
Chuan, Zeng,
( 8/21/2015 )
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Fong has an obsession with Kaos' cock. After he play and lick and suck him, he couldn't wait to sit on it.
Fong, Kaos,
( 8/14/2015 )
(Gold member)
Kevin is a very good looking dude who is not out to his friends and family. Although he is shy at first, but once he warm up, he could not hide how much he loves to play with his cock. He loves to edge his own hard cock twice a day and still have a decent load every time.
Kevin Qiu,
( 6/20/2015 )
(Gold member)
Marchall has an obsession with his own cock. He loves to play with it everyday and he loves to jerk off daily. With some hot porn, no problem!
Marshall Lan,
( 6/13/2015 )
(Gold member)
Chong forces his nice hard cock into Ning's tight ass hole
James chong, Ning,
( 6/09/2015 )
(Gold member)
Kai wraps his warm mouth around Rick's hard cock.
Kai, Rick,
( 6/05/2015 )
(Gold member)
Kai loves his cock being sucked as he is horny all the time. In no time Kai's hard cock is in Ming's hot tight hole.
( 5/29/2015 )
(Gold member)
Ben fucks Alex with his long, deliberate strokes, and the pleasure built up in his base each time his body loomed over me. Alex soon began to moan, and then suddenly he was lost in a sensation he had not experienced before.
Ben and Alex,
( 5/27/2015 )
(Gold member)
Sheun is one of those inconspicuous boys who grow on you very gradually. He might be shy at first, but once he warmed up, his true personality shows through the lens. He is a fitness trainer and he loves to go to the gym 5 days a week.

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