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( 8/16/2014 )
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Horny Asian Boy Eddie wanted dicks again. He called up his friends and met them at a hotel room. Hong was really starting to moan this got Eddie's hormones pumping and started to suck Hong's dick. Jack and Alex looked at each other and Jack started to suck Eddie off wile Alex starts riming Eddie. E...
Liu, Dallin, hui, Liuye,
( 8/13/2014 )
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Hot Asian Hunk Chen is 25 years old and works part time as a waiter and part time as a model. He likes to keep his time free because he's also a "gym rat" who loves to spend hours and hours in the gym building and toning his incredible body. The first thing you notice about Chen after he takes his c...
Tony Chen,
( 8/08/2014 )
(Gold member)
Cute Asian twink Hui is 20 years old and taking some time off before going back to college in the fall. He says he's gay, He isn't bashful about showing off his ass, which is absolutely perfect. It's golden brown, smooth, and round with a beautiful hairy crack hiding a tight pink hole.
( 8/01/2014 )
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Hot Asian boy Chen had broken with his boyfriend as very, very enthusiastic about exploring his wild side and doing orgy with different guys. Last time he had done one orgy videos. Now he wants more. So We called our hot Asian hunks Wang, Lin, Dong and Eddie. Lin was on one side of Chen, Dong was o...
4play, David Chen, Bruce Tan, Dallin, Justin Ya...
( 7/30/2014 )
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Asian hunk Eric is a handsome, beefy Chiense hunk with a muscular, ripped-up body. He just moved to the city . He works two jobs, goes to school full-time, has a sense of adventure, and wants to become a model. Eric spends a lot of time in the gym focusing on his abs, which are his favorite part. My...
eric chen,
( 7/25/2014 )
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Hot Asian hunk Deng is back and he fucks Tian silly. Tian was also interested in having sex with another guy Hong. The sex is pretty intense. Tian started sucking HOng's cock meanwhile Deng was fucking behind. They moved from the sofa to the bed. They fucked slow and fast, soft and hard until, final...
Bastian, Christian, A,
( 7/23/2014 )
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Allen is a 23 year old who just started college on a sport scholarship.He attributes his body to good genes and a healthy diet. He's studying business. Easy going attitude and handsome face make him such a pleasure to work with. I just wish he could show more. Such a shame.
( 7/19/2014 )
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Young Asian boy Zhu was introduced by my friend Dong. He was shy at the beginning. He slowly took of his pants and showed his hard cock. He seemed to enjoy being naked in front of us. His cock was getting harder and harder. When he played with tight hole, his juice was coming out.
( 7/16/2014 )
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Hot Asian boy Mike is 22 years old and loves to play baseball. He's straight and currently single, but playing the field. Mike has a really striking physique and beautiful, pale skin. Although Mike didn't jerk off for us, there is an interesting "thing" at the end of his film.

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