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( 9/30/2014 )
(Gold member)
This week I bring you a very handsome Asian hunk Long. Long is 25 and he is a professional model. He has a handsome face. He's been bodybuilding since he was a teenage. He has some very nice muscle on his 180 frame. Long is sweet, smart and sexy. and he shows everything.....just a total package!
( 9/27/2014 )
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You would like to watch this hot Asian boy three some video. How a slut Asian boy Wang got fucked by two big Asian cocks. Asian boy Wang just loves to get fucked. He wants to get fucked by many big cocks. The bigger the better. It was very hot to see two big cocks in a tight Asian ass hole.
Tom, Bruce Tan, A,
( 9/19/2014 )
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Hot Asian boy Tom is a 19-year-old guy. Besides having a beautiful cock, Tom has a tone body. Tom has beautiful eyes and lips. Tom was so turned on and into his orgasm that he shot all over his chest, face, and lips!
( 9/17/2014 )
(Gold member)
Hot Asian boy Dong Wang is only 20 years old, 180 cm, and 70 kilograms. Dong is a college student. Dong is super sweet. He has a nice personality. Dong exercises often, So he has a super nice body. He was a little bit shy to be naked, but got comfortable very fast. Although he didn't jerk off for us...
( 9/13/2014 )
(Gold member)
Hot Asian boy Billy is a very personable guy with a super hot body. He's young and tanned. Not only is Billy a total hottie, he's totally confident about his body. Billy wasn't shy about showing off his tight pink asshole or his beautiful cock.... or his tight muscular frame.
( 9/05/2014 )
(Gold member)
Hot Asian boy Eric was so amazingly hot with Wang that Hot Asian hunk Long could't wait to fuck him. He wanted to fuck Eric as Thoroughly as he could. Long started out slowly, exposing Eric's perfect tight hole. Then one finger went in, then two. Next came the main event and Long slid his rock-hard ...
Eric, Jay Long,
( 9/03/2014 )
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Hot Asian hunk Chen is a personal trainer and the manager of a gym. Chen is definitely a big guy with huge muscles. In addition to his six-days-a-week personal workout routine, he's always working out with clients. It’s amazing what that much iron pumping can do for your body! In Chen's film, he sho...
eric chen,
( 8/23/2014 )
(Gold member)
Hot Asian boy Jim really liked Deng from the first moment they met,he couldn't wait for the action to begin. Deng's cock came out of his underwear it immediately went into Jim's mouth! Deng fingered Jim's asshole in preparation for the main event. Jim is really a great bottom and you can tell he rea...
Dallin, Wangli,
( 8/16/2014 )
(Gold member)
Horny Asian Boy Eddie wanted dicks again. He called up his friends and met them at a hotel room. Hong was really starting to moan this got Eddie's hormones pumping and started to suck Hong's dick. Jack and Alex looked at each other and Jack started to suck Eddie off wile Alex starts riming Eddie. E...
Liu, Dallin, hui, Liuye,

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