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( 11/21/2015 )
(Gold member)
Zhen seemed hornier than usual. Zhen had his warm shower, stretching under the water and relaxing. He even starting stroking in the shower to get a head start on his edging.
Xiaopeng Zhen,
( 11/14/2015 )
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Feng arches his back, adding his own resistance to the grinding. Huang pulls back his finger enough to begin working in a second up to the knuckles before slowly fucking Feng with his fingers. As fingers work, his mouth stays busy on Feng's dick.
Feng, huang,
( 10/31/2015 )
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Ice is a musician and loves to play with his own hard drumsticks.
( 10/28/2015 )
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Dean loves to fuck Paul's pink tight hole till he erupt a creamy thick loads.
Paul, Dean,
( 10/24/2015 )
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Ray loves to play with Dustin hard cock. In no time, Ray finds his hole is stuffed by Dustin gorgeous uncut cock.
Ray, Dustin,
( 10/20/2015 )
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"Ahhhhh you fill me so good." Lam moan as he adjust to Kwan's hard cock, he've only worked him about half way in. Lam adjust and get more in. Kwan is grinning like crazy as Lam begin to lift himself up, slowly fucking himself on his pole. Lam pick up speed and Kwan starts bucking upwards and he's ...
Lam, Kwan,
( 10/17/2015 )
(Gold member)
Wang is a college student who recently finished his study. He said he works out six times a week and he likes to lift heavy in order to build muscle. It's working! You can watch him show off his perfect body, that's something that he's been wanting to try for a while.... And his body certainly is pe...
( 10/03/2015 )
(Gold member)
Sean sucks Nate knob with his lips and played with his foreskin with his tongue. Soon Nate was thrusting all the way in pumping Sean's face. God, Nate was in heaven! He grabbed either side of Sean's head and face, fucked him hard, felt his foreskin retracting and the amazing flavor engulfed me. He ...
Sean, Nate,
( 9/26/2015 )
(Gold member)
Jimmy is a fucking amazing, a horny and sexed up young man, as a big bonus, a virgin. He gave his beautiful bottom to Bing and he ever so gently made love to him. Fuck he was incredibly tight!
Jimmy, Bing Wang,

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